Delivery method

1. Electronic delivery (PDF sent by email):

a) In the event that you purchase Service History, you will receive by email a detailed PDF with all the information listed in the product description.

b) In the event that you purchase Map Data and a Lifetime FSC Code, you will receive an email that includes navigation maps and clear installation instructions.

The ordered products are delivered directly by email with a delivery time between 1 minute and 3 hours*. Most orders are delivered by email in a maximum of 5 minutes*

* ATTENTION !!! Delivery times are not guaranteed because service checks are provided by our partners, for this reason, there may be various delays caused by the partners we work with!

2. Replacements and Refunds

We are not directly responsible in case the VIN was not entered correctly and belongs to a car that you did not want to check or order a certain product for it. In connection with the product we offer called Service History Check / VIN Decoder /  VIN Lookup /  VIN Check , keep in mind that some cars are unlikely to have a history because they have not visited an official dealer or partner or do not have any data registered in the official database. We are not guilty or responsible for this.

The delivery of the history is done exclusively in digital format (pdf sent by email), and once the report is generated in pdf format, its value cannot be refunded. If the report does not contain enough information, is not responsible for the lack of information in the report. The lack of any information in the report proves that the verified vehicle has never entered an official dealership, or it does not have information registered in the digital database of the dealer. Therefore, we cannot offer you a refund because our partners do the verification, which involves some costs (we pay for each query of the official database).

Since we provide non-tangible, irrevocable goods, we do not issue refunds for digital products. Please note that we offer digital products, not services, so there is no way to close access to the files that you’ve already received.


a) ATTENTION !!! Please note that there is a possibility that the vehicle may not have information recorded in digital format in the dealer's official database, and for this reason we are not responsible.

b) ATTENTION !!! Please note that if you place the wrong order for Update Maps, Map Data or FSC CODE, we cannot offer you a refund, and for this reason, we are not responsible.

ATTENTION !!! Refunds are made only if sends the wrong order or a different report than requested.